Visp – Jul 17, 2022 9:30 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. Internal type is now the default selected when adding ticket notes.
  2. Billing History Report now has date display options: Invoice Date and Trans Date.
    •  By default, Trans Date is selected based on the current behavior. Selecting this option will display all the invoice items added within the selected date range.
    • Selecting the Invoice Date will display the invoice items based on the invoice date, not the date when the items were added.
  3. Payment Distribution report is now available to display the list of invoices distributed by payments within the selected date range.
  4. Payments Received Report now has a Group By dropdown with the following options: App User (default selected since this is the same as the current report behavior), Company, and Payment Method.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Timezone is now displayed correctly on receiving an email reply from the customer in the ticket messaging.
  2. Due date formula is now improved to accurately follow the invoice settings on adding a package to a subscriber.
  3. Payment distribution amount calculation is now rounded to two decimal places for accurate distribution.
  4. Duplicate commas are no longer added to the auto-filled address in the Ticket Service Contact details.
  5. Inactive and Deleted subscribers are no longer included in the Revenue dashboard data related to ARPU report.
    •  Include inactive and deleted subscribers checkboxes are no longer checked by default for Average Revenue per User report.
  6. Total Taxes amount in the Sales Tax Report is now calculated correctly for those tax breakdown amounts with more than one thousand.
  7. Classic report column preferences are now saved correctly.
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