Visp – Jul 19, 2022 8:31 PM PST


  1. Standard styling is now applied across tables in the Visp app.
  2. Include suspended/hibernated and inactive checkboxes are now available in the Subscriber Address Report. By default, both options are checked since this is the current behavior of the report.
  3. IRM values are now supported in filters.
  4. vNMS graphs are now displaying live graphs.
  5. Equipment from Visp is now synced to vNMS via the vNOC controller.
  6. Auto package upgrade in vPortal is now available after setting up package upgrade groups in the packages vportal settings.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Retrieving equipment data is now improved for IRM to avoid page loading errors.
  2. Clicking on a My Visp invoice of a previous month now redirects correctly to the statement page of the selected month.
  3. Blank contact name no longer prevents resolving or updating a ticket.
  4. Unapplied payment amount no longer updates on processing a refund similar to UBO behavior.
  5. Classic report column preferences no longer expire after two hours.
  6. Package Revenue amount in the dashboard now matches the ARPU report.
  7. Device Access Controller is now displayed even without IP management data.
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