Visp – Aug 1, 2022 6:56 PM PST


  1. Clicking on a subscriber address pin in the ticket service contact now redirects to the subscriber’s pin on the map page.
  2. IRM Purchase Order report is now available under Reports list under Equipment category.
  3. Users can now setup vPortal alert banner templates in the Messaging Templates and have them displayed in the vPortal for multiple subscribers. Editing and setting of expiration will be coming soon.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Custom dashboard widgets with invalid data are now automatically hidden on displaying the Dashboard page.
  2. Subscribers can now add credit card information in vPortal when opened through the Account Manager option of the Subscriber Menu.
  3. Inconsistent rounding off on generating tax for invoices is now fixed.
  4. Pie chart display going out of its box is now fixed on the Dashboard page.
  5. Ticket settings toggle is now aligned correctly to its label.
  6. Search is now removed in areas that are not needed.
  7. Add Subscriber buttons are now adjusted to allow adding via mobile.
  8. Infrastructure location must now have a unique name. 
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