Visp – Aug 15, 2022 7:47 PM PST


  1. Standard styling for Mail, Equipment, and IRM is now applied.
  2. PaydUp merchant gateway is now available.
  3. Invoice numbers are now available for search in the Subscribers table.
  4. Vendor and Attributes for Network Authentication are now updated to dropdowns instead of fields.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Site Location and Access Controller are now uneditable if there are Assigned IPs.
  2. Smart session settings are now removed for AP-type equipment. It is only available for Router-type equipment.
  3. Location search is now working in the Equipment tab.
  4. Default ticket attachment labels are now generated correctly on adding a new ticket.
  5. PDF and Zip file types can now be upload as ticket attachments.
  6. Active filter buttons now have more contrast in the Subscribers table.
  7. Clicking View All in Notifications now redirects to the Notifications page.
  8. SMTP error details are now included in the history logs if sending email encountered errors via remote mail server.
  9. The quantity of grouped packages is now updated correctly when merged via the invoicing script.
  10. Invalid input syntax for type integer error for Preseem is now fixed
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