Visp – Sep 27, 2022 7:12 PM PST


  1. If Zip code option is enabled on payment, zip code support for Paypal,, and Elavon is now available.
  2. Option to display marker popup on hover or click is now available under the Map tools.
  3. Option to close all popups displayed on the Map is now available.
  4. Latitude and Longitude fields are now available for updating in the Subscriber Contact Details.
  5. The ITEM column is now available for displaying in the PDF invoice, both via the View PDF button and the Mass Mail cron script, if the “Show the ITEM column in the Invoice PDF” option is enabled under the Invoice Defaults setting,
  6. When attempting to delete a package with tag-along items, users can now choose what action to take for each tag-along item.
  7. When the subscriber uses the STOP/UNSTOP feature of Twilio to subscribe or unsubscribe, this action is now logged in the subscriber’s history.
  8. Custom Filter fields now display the custom name of the custom field, if available.
  9. Users can now update the Auto-pay Day of the subscriber even if the payment method is non-CC or non-eCheck.
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