Visp – Sep 19, 2022 9:04 PM PST


  1. Users can now set a customer portal message template to auto-start or auto-expire on a specific date.
  2. Users can now manually deactivate a customer portal message.
  3. Updates to an active customer portal message are now cascaded to the alerts rows of the template.

Bug Fixes:

  1. First invoice of a package is no longer billed on invoice day if the Bill Start Date is set to “On first authentication date”.
  2. Assigning a mapping theme from a filter is now working as expected.
  3. Bill of materials is now responsive to narrower screens.
  4. Mark as read indicator is now removed from the Invoices notification.
  5. Message is now displayed in the Dashboard if no widget is enabled.
  6. Email address from activated Email service is now uneditable, similar to UBO.
  7. Updating the type of equipment profile is now disabled if there are assigned equipment to the profile.
  8. SKU field for the Inventory profile is now unique.
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