Visp – Nov 27, 2023 9:17 PM PST


  1. Bill all to another subscriber option is now available under Billing Options.
  2. Ticket can now be assigned to equipment or infrastructure locations on creating a ticket for ISPs with IRM enabled.
  3. “Message this list” is now relabeled to “Mass Email”.
  4. “Get notified of the latest announcements or offers on email.” option is now available in vPortal.
  5. SMS STOP is now working as expected for ISPs with SMS messaging service enabled.

Bug Fixes:

  1. User interface fixes for updating and deleting taxes in the Taxes settings are now added.
  2. Accurate payment amount is now displayed in the generated NACHA file for auto-payments instead of zero amounts.
  3. Optimization changes added to the loading of the subscriber list.
  4. Percent item amounts in the upcoming invoice are now rounded off and calculated consistently.
  5. Deleting a non-recurring invoice item no longer displays the options prompt intended for recurring invoice items.
  6. Associated package locations of multi-qty packages are now displayed correctly in a newly generated invoice.
  7. Save button in the subscriber custom fields are now disabled after saving changes.
  8. Clicking on a subscriber custom field calendar no longer resets to today on closing the calendar.
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