Visp – Dec 3, 2023 9:04 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. PDFs can now be viewed using the Safari browser.
  2. Quantity count is now checked on adding packages via quote.
  3. Optimization changes are now added to prevent automatic reloading in the Visp app.
  4. Reminder Me Later under Notifications is now working as expected.
  5. Deleting a prorate charge with a future bill start date no longer includes deleting the full-term charge.
  6. FRN number validation is now set to 10 digits.
  7. Confirmation behavior for Save and Discard changes in Settings is now standardized.
  8. Interconnection in IRM displaying inconsistent details and errors in the Inventory drawer are now fixed.
  9. Previously selected item in the Transfer Equipment list in IRM no longer gets unchecked when searching for another equipment.
  10. SCA Authentication Page is now displayed in vPortal on adding a 3Ds Required credit card for Stripe merchant.
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