Visp – Dec 4, 2023 9:09 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Subscriber is now archived successfully if no equipment assigned and ISP’s archive option is set to “Delete packages but leave equipment assigned until it is recovered”.
  2. Only one reversal credit memo is now generated on deleting a subscriber package if it belongs to one package line item with multiple quantities.
  3. Custom Field/s merge field are now saved correctly in the mass email template.
  4. Pipe symbol is now considered valid for Internet password as indicated in the tooltip if not restricted.
  5. Missing alerts display in the Subscribers table and Subscriber details are now restored.
  6. Typing in the Serial No. field anywhere in IRM now automatically change the letters to uppercase.
  7. Usage report no longer returns timeout error on generating snapshot.
  8. Error is now displayed on updating a vportal payment PDF URL if the payment id does not belong to the logged-in customer.
  9. FCC Broadband Facts are now displayed only for Internet packages. Also, ACP value is now consistent in both signup and account manager.
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