VISP – Feb 1, 2023 8:23 PM & 9:11 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Access Controller query that is causing high memory usage is now optimized.
  2. Default values are now added for map variables to avoid errors accessing the Map page.
  3. Blank Automation Profile no longer causes an error on adding new Inventory Profile.
  4. Recently saved template name change no longer reverts to the previous name on updating the message template.
  5. Blank email address in NACHA notification settings no longer allows saving.
  6. Typing in the comment area of the NPS no longer randomly exits the comment box.
  7. Additional checkers are now integrated into the connection between vPortal and Stripe to smoothly post a successful payment.
  8. Delete button is now displayed consistently in the prompt on removing a card in vPortal.
  9. Payments to the child accounts are now considered in the Accounts Receivable Aging Report.
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