Visp – Mar 21, 2023 8:13 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. IRM equipment can now be deleted from any location.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Unsuspending a package no longer generates prorate charges that cover an unreversed existing month.
  2. Scheduled email templates are now improved to send to filtered subscribers more accurately.
  3. Setting up a credit card fee for PaydUp merchant can now be saved successfully.
  4. Transactions table is now automatically updated after a successful package change – credit memos, if applicable, from the package change process are now automatically displayed.
  5. When the invoice item from the child account gets reversed through a credit memo because of package deletion, the corresponding invoice item in the parent account is now reversed with a credit memo, as well.
  6. Upcoming invoice now shows the correct number of tag-along items based on the package’s status and the item and ISP invoicing settings.
  7. The package deletion prompt is now skipped when the user attempts to delete the set-up fee.
  8. The Change Prompt is now displayed as expected when the user attempts to delete a recurring custom-type or equipment-type tag-along item.
  9. Recurring custom item now shows the correct dates in the preview mode when attempting to add the item to the invoice.
  10. Text can now be pasted via right-click in Qualify map.
  11. Multiple popups are no longer displayed upon right-clicking the map.
  12. ‘Location’ is now populated correctly under the Inventory item and user can now update the location even when it is assigned to Subscriber.


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