Visp – Apr 24, 2023 10:33 PM PST


  1. Archiving a subscriber now queues the subscriber to have their payment data removed after 90 days of being archived.
  2. Mapping theme fields on adding and updating is now consistent.
  3. Smiley emoticon is now removed from the ‘Do not Pay’ message in PDF invoices for subscribers who are in auto-pay.

Bug Fixes:

  1. On moving service to a new package, the default speed limit of the newly added/selected package will be applied automatically instead of the speed limit of the old package.
  2. Save and Restore buttons in the ticket now saves the description changes even if the Ok button in the description is not clicked.
  3. An upcoming custom item scheduled to generate on the invoice day of a subscriber no longer generates the custom item twice.
  4. “Context creation failed: DI001” error on logging in for suspended ISPs is now fixed.
  5. Successful refund for Paydup payment no longer displays an error in the app.
  6. vPortal message now correctly displays based on the subscriber status.
  7. Serveral format and font colors are now updated for consistency.


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