Visp – May 8, 2023 10:02 PM PST

Minor Improvements:

  1. Data entered in the Inventory or Equipment main search field is now duplicated into the subcategory search.
  2. Search lock is now available for Infrastructure Location and Purchase Order for IRM.
  3. Deleting a specific vendor contact is now available in the IRM vendor settings only if there are multiple contacts.
  4. Copy button is now available for the ticket number on viewing a ticket.
  5. Status options are now removed from the first package activation trigger.
  6. History log is now added on saving messaging service changes.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Map zooming is now displayed without showing multiple complete maps of continents.
  2. Duplicate Source and Source Details fields are now removed from the Additional Information tab since both fields are already displayed in the Subscriber Info.
  3. Avalara connection status is now displayed under the Avalara settings.
  4. When a package is added with tag-along items to a subscriber and subscriber invoice, the auto-suspend setting of the tag-along item is now enabled by default and associated with its parent package. In addition, the Recurring Invoice Item settings checkbox and form are now disabled for a recurring tag-along item billed with its package.
  5. Data Usage for free period is no longer displayed in the Subscriber Usage Report.
  6. Check and close buttons are now available on updating the Description field of a credit memo item on adding.
  7. Letter casing for Transactions table and misplaced icons in Templates are now cleaned up.
  8. Subscriber payment tokens of ISPs using Oriental Bank merchant are no longer removed on updating card data.
  9. CSV export for Sales Tax Liability Report is now displaying correctly.
  10. eCheck auto-pay for NACHA merchant should now work as expected.
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