Visp – Jun 19, 2023 11:37 PM PST


  1. Access Points Report is now available under the Equipment category.
  2. Equipment merge fields for ticket templates are now supported for IRM-enabled ISPs.
  3. Authentication by serial number is now supported, where serial number alone can be used for RADIUS authentication of devices without the need to input a username/password.
  4. FCC Labels are now available for display in the vPortal online sign-up and account manager if the setting is enabled.
  5. Options for adding an item under a Credit Memo now only displays existing items assigned to the subscriber.
  6. eCheck Payments via NACHA report is now renamed to NACHA File Generator.
    • NACHA report now displays the current day as the default date range instead of the current month.
    • Last File Generated column in the report now replaces the Processed column in the NACHA generator.
  7. Subscriber logs are now added with the NACHA file name once it is generated for the subscriber payment.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Searching for any MAC Address under an equipment now displays results on assigning equipment to a subscriber.
  2. If Agent-Remote-Id is identified as a MAC address, RADIUS now considers the authentication as Option82 instead of a Serial number authentication.
  3. Time computation for DHCP usage report is now calculated correctly.
  4. Zero purchase price no longer causes an error on adding IRM inventory.
  5. Confusing credit memo Create New and Cancel behaviors are now corrected.
  6. Successful adding of credit memo now displays success labels correctly.
  7. UI issues in Settings with alignment and editable display for uneditable fields are now fixed.
  8. Some mobile issues are now corrected for the Dashboard page.
  9. Confusing UI behaviors with Service Desk buttons are now corrected.
  10. Adding a new ticket no longer resets the Technician filter selected for Service Desk page.
  11. Searching for subscribers now displays a more accurate result.
  12. Posting an eCheck payment via NACHA now saves the Account Number view correctly.
  13. “Include deleted subscribers” option is now detected correctly in the Income By Account Report.
  14. Paper invoice threshold comparison is now updated from less than or equal to the subscriber balance to only less than the subscriber balance.
  15. Amount due in signup is now displayed correctly for packages with the apostrophe(‘) symbol.
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