Visp – Jul 4, 2023 11:26 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. 608 to 610 options are now available in the RPM Package Config ID options list.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Filtered Service Desk list is now exported correctly to CSV.
  2. Upcoming invoice items now follow changes in the subscriber’s tax setting.
  3. Error on saving blank IPPay terminal ID for an inactive merchant is now fixed.
  4. Missing invoice breakdown is now displayed in vportal signup for ISPs with activated PaydUp merchant.
  5. Package name is now correctly displayed on the FCC nutrition labels of the vPortal Upgrade page.
  6. Pay & SignUP button for captive vportal is now working as expected.
  7. “Check balance” SMS auto-response now returns the active subscriber’s balance if the number matches both an active and prospect subscriber.
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