Visp – Aug 7, 2023 8:55 PM PST


  1. NACHA File Generator now displays the cut-off times and is now more consistent in the NACHA files exported and downloaded.
  2. eCheck payment is now included in the NACHA file for subscribers who had their eCheck removed.
  3. A NACHA file should now be generated every 4 PM on the current day.
  4. Missing Revenue Per Access Controller Report is now available in IRM.
  5. Payment Intents API is now supported for ISPs with non-SCA Stripe merchant.

Bug Fixes:

  1. When removing an inventory item from equipment assigned to a subscriber, the inventory item’s location no longer points to the subscriber.
  2. Location for unlinked PtP equipment can now be updated.
  3. Several mobile view issues are now corrected.
  4. Font size in the company header for PDF is now increased from 34px to 42px.
  5. Setting package setup fee to 0.00 in UBO now updates the setup fee item correctly.
  6. Deleted tickets are no longer included in the Install Revenue Projection Report.
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