Visp – Aug 16, 2023 10:49 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Optimization changes are now added to the Service Desk table.
  2. Adding a package to a subscriber now considers the user restriction settings of its package item.
  3. Tax is now applied correctly for multiple percent-based items source.
  4. Child payment is now added on posting payment via the Receive Payment popup.
  5. “Field is null” error is now fixed on updating eCheck data by removing the existing eCheck details and re-adding new eCheck details.
  6. Removing the last device of a subscriber no longer displays the “Op is not defined” error.
  7. SMS and Customer Portal Message options are now removed for triggered templates since it is not yet supported.
  8. Enable Inline Editing option for table is now disabled if no applicable column is displayed.
  9. Enable Flexible billing options label and tooltip under Invoicing settings is now corrected.
  10. Tooltip containing the log content is now available for subscriber logs.
  11. The tooltip on adding attachments on Add New Ticket now displays “Ticket needs to be added before uploading attachments.” instead of “This feature is restricted for your account.”.
  12. “The following usernames did not have valid email addresses” label is no longer added in the confirmation email sent to ISPs if nothing is listed.
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