Visp – Jan 22, 2024 7:26 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Missing behavior on disconnecting hibernated and suspended accounts via auto action is now restored.
  2. LTE SIM linked to an LTE CPE now displays in the LTE service dropdown for ISPs with IRM integration.
  3. Prorated item is no longer added to the upcoming invoice if “Sync term with the upcoming invoice” is selected.
  4. Updating subscriber auto-suspend day/date now displays correctly after saving.
  5. Sending a mass message no longer defaults to All Subscribers.
  6. Sending a statement now follows the selected date option.
  7. Deposit Amount now has field validation showing an error message when the entered value is less than the Total Amount Due before clicking the Pay & Signup button.
  8. Hibernate button in vPortal is now working as expected.
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