Visp – Feb 13, 2024 8:37 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Missing Current Invoice data in ARPU snapshot is now restored.
  2. App user name on ticket email notes section now displays the correct user.
  3. Inconsistent conflict IP display in IPAM settings are now corrected.
  4. IP suggestion on updating Internet devices IP info now consistently checks the available IPs in the IPAM settings.
  5. Leading zeros are now no longer removed in the FCC Subscription report display.
  6. Updating a subscriber’s primary state now updates the subscriber’s coordinates and tract data.
  7. Statuses in the Scheduling dashboard are now clickable.
  8. The term-end-date of the prorated-term for the custom invoice item is now correctly calculated when selecting the Add prorate only option.
  9. Selected filter name is now displayed correctly in the To field in the Message Subscribers area.
  10. Updating a customer auto action now consistently saves the customer auto action settings correctly.
  11. Previously linked custom items to the current package are now moved to the new package on upgrading a subscriber package via the Upgrade subscriber package feature.
  12. Several payment options UI behavior are now fixed.
  13. Visp Help Center link option is now added to the Help links located in the lower right corner of the Visp App.
  14. Unused extensions for error monitoring are now cleaned up.
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