Visp – Mar 4, 2024 8:27 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. Search functionality is now added to both IP Management tables: Subnets & IP Pools.
  2. Optimization is applied to improve the loading of Devices section.
  3. Equipment label in Devices section is now changed to “Linked Equipment (for Serial Authentication)”.
  4. NMI account updater no longer produces excessive logging.
  5. The Service Desk now includes filter buttons for Scheduled and Unscheduled tickets.
  6. Scheduling dashboard now redirects the user to the Service Desk based on filters.
  7. Initial optimization is applied to the Inventory Items table.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Updating a package price from default zero pricing to a custom price now calculates the prorate price correctly in the invoice item preview on adding package to invoice.
  2. Charges query error “cannot read property ‘isp_id’ of null” is now fixed.
  3. The Credit Card Save button is now disabled by default in VPortal Payment Information page.
  4. Email template CC is now accurately displayed.
  5. All ticket tasks are now deletable.
  6. Error when printing Ticket Summary Report with an Assignment Type of Equipment or Infrastructure is now resolved.
  7. Switching between ISPs in a multi-ISP AppUser account now clears the Subscribers dock to avoid “Customer not found in ISP” error.
  8. An option to delete attached inventory/equipment items is now available.
  9. Delete option for inventory is now disabled if there’s an incomplete RMA.
  10. Docked IRM items/drawers is removed from recent drawer after deletion.
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