Visp – Mar 18, 2024 9:30 PM PST


  1. Optimized and streamlined new invoice creation of a package charge in both package and invoice sections on the subscriber page.
  2. Refined search, adding, and setting up packages for optimized code and improved performance.
  3. Simplified and standardized the search, with a less prominent information sub-table that can now be accessed via the ‘More’ link in the search bar.
  4. Streamlined the interface and refined the text to ensure instructions are easy to understand when editing or updating eCheck account information on the portal.
  5. Improved ticket activity logs with pagination and record count.
  6. Alpha-numeric characters in the Invoice ID field in the Purchase Order are now allowed.
  7. Issues in the manual sync of invoices, invoice items, payments, credit memos, and statements to Quickbooks Online have now been resolved.

Bug Fixes

  1. An internal error has been fixed when sending a one-off email to a subscriber while not using a template.
  2. Fixed the label on the page header in the Payment Information section of the customer account portal (VPortal) to match the actual payment method used (Credit Card / Check).
  3. A fix has been implemented to address issues with the filters from the Scheduling widget on the Dashboard.
  4. Updates have been posted to prevent timeouts and improve customer-related queries.
  5. Filenames of the exported FCC 477 CSV files no longer contain spaces and the quotation marks in the file have been removed, to prevent issues during submission.
  6. Fixed the issue where only the first line item in the Purchase Order can be edited, and the succeeding fields are grayed out.
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