Visp – Mar 25, 2024 9:05 PM PST

Watch the Changelog Video here.


  1. Optimized login for better performance and improved user login experience.
  2. Search functionality is now added in the Equipment dropdown in the Open Ticket option.
  3. Date Added, Actions, Details, and Users columns in the Ticket Activity can now be sorted.
  4. Mass Message for SMS now has an Insert Merged Field button.
  5. The IRM Microservice feature can now be opened in a single-page layout, if enabled.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The message “Card updated successfully” is now displayed below the Card Details pop-up in the vPortal Payment Information page. Also, the error not null message is no longer displayed.
  2. The Tickets section of the subscriber drawer now displays the date and time they were resolved.
  3. Map Page visibility can now be enabled for non-legacy user rights.
  4. When you change a package, the latest package is now displayed correctly in the current package configuration view.
  5. End term Date is now visible after billing to track the end term agreement of the user.
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