Visp – Apr 1, 2024 9:29 PM PST


  1. PaydUp echeck one-time payment feature was added in the Visp Web App Post Payment tab.
  2. Tax Breakdown for Credit Memo is now available in Visp as well as its PDF version.
  3. Performance Improvement on AR Aging Report
    1. The AR Aging Report now shows only the charges billed to the parent account and doesn’t count the original charges from the child account.
    2. It also only considers payments made to the parent account and ignores any automatic payments made on the child’s account.
  4. Configured Apollo Server to log request and response in Apollo Studio.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The number of records displayed and the correct pagination in the Subscriber Logs section have been fixed.
  2. The error message displayed when subscribing to a package requiring credit card payment was changed in the vPortal Subscription form.
  3. The Qty field and multiple-package-setting checkbox values are now forwarded correctly to the add-subscriber-invoice-item-preview-panel when adding a PACKAGE-type item to the invoice.
  4. Non-recurring-invoice-items are now always included in an upcoming invoice, regardless of whether the subscriber has recurring-invoice-items that trigger an upcoming invoice to be generated or if the subscriber only has non-recurring-invoice-items (at which point an upcoming invoice is generated specially for it).
  5. The package update prompt for packages that belong in a group is now displayed when the user attempts to do the following on one of the packages of the group:
    1. Update package pricing
    2. Update package Bill Start Date (if the package has yet to start billing)
    3. Attempt to start invoicing (Invoice Now button) for one of the packages
  6. The issue in the Assigned CPE and ISP Site Equipment Report is now fixed.
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