Visp – Apr 16, 2024 9:24 PM PST

Watch Part 1 of the Changelog Video here.


  1. Enhanced the response time and interaction when clicking on the checkbox in Settings > Packages
  2. Adjusted the drawers size and layout in the Settings > IP Management panel.
  3. Moved the Kebab icon to a different spot under Settings > Users.
  4. Moved the Reports icon from the Settings menu to the left Navigation bar.
  5. Updated design guide with design examples
  6. Updated CSS for selected row in table.
  7. Updated the following links in the Support icon (question mark) in the VISP web app sidebar navigation:
    2. Report an Issue
    3. Make a Suggestion
    4. Start a Live Chat
    5. Visp Help Desk

Bug Fixes:

  1. The “Does not contain” condition in filters should now work properly, especially on MAC Address entries.
  2. Once you’ve added an entry to the Chart of Accounts, the drawer should automatically close.
  3. Fixed validation for editing of “Account” types in the Chart of Accounts.
  4. The customReportPrimaryKey query should function correctly without errors, even when the entity_id is set to 0. The Report Builder tab is now expected to operate normally.
  5. The team has resolved the issues or errors that occurred while adding new prospects or subscribers.
  6. The team has fixed the issues or errors that occur when new widgets are added to the dashboard.
  7. Issues have been resolved, particularly those related to saving Pre-signup Authentication Settings.
  8. The team has resolved the issue about clicking and editing the Paper Invoice Fee.
  9. The team has fixed an alignment issue with the accordion in the IP management panel.
  10. The team has fixed an alignment issue in the Help & Support drawer.
  11. The team fixed an issue where the Equipment drawer showed an empty toolbar.
  12. The padding issue with the accordion in the Settings > Custom Fields has been resolved.
  13. Removed the comma displayed in the Service Contact phone numbers field in the Tickets drawer.
  14. Fixed an issue with the phone icon in the Tickets drawer
  15. Fixed alignment issues with the elements in the Payment Gateway settings for the NACHA option.
  16. Updated the icon color in the Service contact section of the Ticket drawer
  17. Resolved an issue with the price field in the Package & Invoice section of the Subscriber drawer.
  18. The team has resolved the issue when zooming in on the Package & Invoice section of the Subscriber drawer.
  19. The alignment issue in the Settings > Invoicing panel has now been resolved.
  20. The team has fixed some padding issues in the Mobile view of the Dashboard.
  21. Enhanced the buttons when editing the Account types in the Chart of Accounts.
  22. Updated the color in the Settings panel for disabled link options.
  23. Updated the alignment of the Delete button in the Settings > Equipment > Infrastructure Profile panel.
  24. Updated the Delete button alignment in the Settings > Equipment > Inventory Profile panel.
  25. The team fixed an alignment and placement issue in Settings > Packages > vPortal option.
  26. The team updated the alignment of the ‘Delete Enum’ button in the Settings > Equipment > Enum option.
  27. The team has also resolved an alignment issue with the displayed text “No Data Available.”
  28. The team has fixed a ticket pop-up issue in the mobile view of the Service Desk
  29. The overlapping text elements in the IRM > Equipment > Inventory Profiles and the Settings > Custom fields panel have been resolved.
  30. Enhanced the email editor panel to support the addition of multiple attachments.
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