Visp – May 6, 2024 9:27 PM PST

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  1. Add (Subscriber) Equipment List table response time is now optimized and integrated with server-side pagination.
  2. Add or Edit IP Pool/Subnet form response time is now optimized.
  3. Response time for Infrastructure Location table is now optimized.
  4. Response time for Infrastructure Location’s Site Equipment list is now optimized.
  5. vPortal now displays “Credit/Debit Card” label instead of just “Credit Card” in the Pay My Bill and Payment Information page.
  6. Users can now delete ticket status that are not pre-defined when ticket status is not used by any tickets.
  7. Decimal numbers are no longer accepted in filters for last x days/months/years.
  8. “Create reversal if the package is suspended/hibernated/deleted“ option has been added as child-setting for a non-PACKAGE/SERVICE-type recurring-invoice-item’s “Auto-suspend” feature → “When package is not billed option“.
    • If checked, a reversal credit/debit memo for the non-PACKAGE/SERVICE-type recurring-invoice-item will be automatically generated if the package they’ve been connected to is suspended, hibernated, or deleted. The reversal calculations will still follow the ISP’s global charge reversal settings.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Clicking on the ticket ID in vPortal now displays the ticket details popup.
  2. Updating card data in the vPortal now updates the subscriber’s card information.
  3. Saving user preferences now only saves the preferences that have changed.
  4. Timeout error on calling Customers query is now fixed.
  5. Select All option in Transfer Equipment now only includes items displayed in the table.
  6. Automation Profile field has been removed from Inventory Profile Settings.
  7. SKU is now displayed in Purchase Order details, related PDFs, and email content instead of the internal item ID.
  8. MFA for each app users is now disabled if MFA is disabled globally (except for the appusers with verified Google email).
  9. Tag-along invoice items are now added for the prorated term set in the upcoming invoice whenever applicable/expected.
  10. Tag-along invoice items are still generated as expected for the full-term set in the upcoming invoice.
  11. Tag-along invoice items are still generated as expected for both the prorated-term and the full-term sets in the invoice.
  12. The tag-along percent-based items are now added correctly to both the prorated-term set (if present) and the full-term set (if present) of the package.
  13. The base-item list of each instance of the percent-based item is now populated correctly.
  14. Ticket Summary Report of an Infrastructure ticket is working as expected.
  15. PDFs can now be viewed in Firefox.
  16. When selecting conditions for a new filter, the operator chosen for each condition now remains unchanged unless explicitly modified by the user.
  17. Credit memo tax behavior issues are now fixed.
  18. Stripe Payment ID is created/updated automatically when adding and updating credit cards of ISPs using Stripe merchant.
  19. Invalid error on updating Credit Cards is now fixed.
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