Visp – May 13, 2024 8:54 PM PST

You can watch the Changelog video here.
Minor Improvement:

  1. When adding a new subscriber via the Add Prospect, the system no longer loads the subscriber markers.
  2. AVS checking for payment processing is now done at the gateway level.
  3. ISP Site Equipment Report for ISPs with IRM enabled now has a Sub-Location column and no longer includes equipment assigned to subscribers.
  4. Invoice Due Date is now editable for existing custom invoices.
  5. An option is now available to display the Contract End Date on the subscriber invoice.
  6. An option is now added for BILL ALL to Another where users can now choose to add the item to a new invoice by default for that specific customer.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Users can now update the Access Controller regardless of whether it is linked to a service device.
  2. Updating a subscriber via UBO now syncs the customer status updates to Visp.
  3. Search conditions for package and access point fields when searching using DOES NOT CONTAIN and CONTAIN filters now retrieve filtered subscribers correctly.
  4. When applying auto actions to “all subscribers, except those with custom settings,” the default auto action is no longer applied to the subscriber whose auto actions were intentionally removed.
  5. Service end date is now displayed correctly in vPortal after reactivating the subscriber’s hotspot service.
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