Visp – May 20, 2024 8:51 PM PST

Minor Improvement:

  1. Validation for Mastercard is now updated to allow valid credit card numbers using the new BIN range, the 2-series, that start with numbers 2221 – 2720.

Bug Fix:

  1. Check for service now displays success or error message consistently after searching for an address.
  2. Refreshing the card list no longer displays any error after performing card deletion in the vPortal Payment Information.
  3. Error is now fixed on loading the subnets table with no data.
  4. Billing zip code value is now displayed when setting credit card as default payment for ISPs using Stripe merchant if AVS zip check is enabled.
  5. Unnecessary error messages are no longer displayed when deleting a credit card in vPortal and Visp Web App.
  6. When an existing service desk ticket has a deleted Infrastructure Location, the Ticket PDF Summary Report will display information that the infrastructure location information is not available.
  7. Internal error is now fixed when the subscriber has no existing equipment in the Add Equipment drawer.
  8. Internal error is now fixed when loading a blank logs section in the Subscriber drawer.
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