Visp – May 27, 2024 8:04 PM PST

Bug Fixes:

  1. Letter case is no longer checked on searching IRM equipment.
  2. Users should now be able to search via equipment description in the Add Subscriber Equipment Drawer.
  3. Inventory fields when using bar code scanner are now optimized in IRM Microservice.
  4. The billed-to-another prompt is now displayed when the user attempts to proceed with changing a package that’s been billed to another account.
    • If the user selects the Yes option from the prompt, the bill-to-another settings of the previous package gets carried over to the new one.
  5. QBO syncing is now optimized for cases of not syncing due to connections being full.
  6. ISP Logs are now added when sending mass SMS.
  7. Technicians who can only view what is assigned to them via permissions can now view tickets they follow as well.
  8. Non-recurring items can now be billed to another in the upcoming invoice.
  9. When a subscriber is tax-exempt. the tax popup in the upcoming invoice is now disabled and shows a tooltip on why it is disabled.
  10. Update Password in vPortal is now updated for a more consistent behavior for packages that have wireless/internet service.
  11. The icons (checkbox, +, and -) are now aligned with the check icon under NACHA settings.
  12. Package label and field now have spacein between under vPortal tab of Packages settings.
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