Visp – Jun 10, 2024 9:32 PM PST

Week 24 Changelog Video
Bug Fixes:

  1. On updating the data type of a metadata field in the Infrastructure Profile settings, a prompt is now displayed to warn the user that data will be reset on data type change.
  2. Users are now able to remove all metadata in the Equipment Profile.
  3. Qualifying an address now displays correct Profile data or error message.
  4. Users are now restricted from deleting a vendor when the deletion is still in process.
  5. Optimization to avoid duplicate retrieval of data is now added in loading the Email service in vPortal.
  6. Newly added eCheck data can now be saved and used for posting a payment.
  7. Unused RADIUS queries are now cleaned up.
  8. Tag-along items now correctly inherit the Bill Start Date settings of its parent package.
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