Visp – Jun 24, 2024 9:26 PM PST

Changelog Video

  1. Users can now distribute payments directly to invoice items.
    • The payment distribution table now displays the unpaid invoice items under each unpaid invoice.
    • Payments from parents (child payments) are now only posted to child accounts when the payment amount is directly distributed/applied to the corresponding billed-from-child item in the parent account.
    • For each payment amount distributed directly to the billed-from-child item in the parent account, a corresponding child payment is posted on the child account that is exclusively distributed to the corresponding billed-to-another item in the child account.
    • When the payment amount distributed to the billed-from-child item in the parent account is removed or if the payment itself is deleted, the corresponding child payment in the child account is also deleted.

Bug Fixes:

  1. The “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” check box is now displayed when adding and updating credit card/eCheck both in vPortal and Visp.
  2. A Terms of Service confirmation pop-up is now displayed in vPortal when adding or editing a card/eCheck account using PaydUp.
  3. Unnecessary code is now removed when selecting New Credit Memo in the Subscribers > Packages & Invoices section.
  4. When child payment is posted by paying the parent account, validation is now added to check if the child account can be unsuspended.
  5. Deleting a child package now generates a reversal memo in both the parent and child accounts.
  6. Exporting FCC Subscription Report to CSV now correctly comma separates Connection and Consumer Connection data.
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