Visp – Jul 8, 2024 9:29 PM PST

Changelog Video
Minor Improvement:

  1. “Expired” label is now displayed in the invoice view and PDF next to the contract end date if the contract has already expired.
  2. The status filter in Mass Mail is now updated from filter select to the multi-select dropdown.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Deleting Enum setting that is used in any Equipment Profile data type is now disabled.
  2. The alignment issue is now fixed for the row and header checkbox in Transfer Equipment.
  3. The child subscriber’s paid-through date and customer status are now updated on the payment deletion of the parent subscriber.
  4. Updating a user’s password in UBO now syncs the update to the Visp app login.
  5. eCheck Account Number field now accepts up to a maximum of 17 digits.
  6. The pop-up title “Confirm Terms and Conditions” is now updated to “Terms and Conditions” in vPortal.
  7. On the Pay My Bill page in vPortal, a pop-up for adding a credit card and an eCheck account was added for PaydUp.
  8. The card zip code can now be updated in the Visp app for ISPs with PaydUp set as the default payment processor/gateway.
  9. In the Config Window, when adding an item through ‘Add and Configure Package,’ the upcoming invoice now follows the item’s Avalara tax settings.
  10. Users can now pre-define the default value for the “Create reversal..” checkbox of the recurring tag-along item through the “Auto-Reverse” checkbox for the package-item in the Package Items tab of the parent package’s configurations.
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