Web UBO – Jun 17, 2020 4:57 PM PST


  1. Integrated Minerva IP TV service type for provisioning is now available in Web UBO.
  2. New service types are now implemented with a new approach and more centralized data storage.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Asset Tag is now displayed or hidden based on the Show Asset Tag option in Equipment Accounting Control settings.
  2. Logo is now uploaded without destroying its image dimensions in Forms Settings.
  3. History logs when updating the Auto-pay option for Portals are now added correctly.
  4. If the Primary Contact tab and Billing Contact tab are separated, the “Hidden on Invoices/Statements” option is now displayed only for the Billing Contact Tab.
  5. Clicking on the Account Manager option in the subscriber menu now displays the subscriber portal in a new tab.
  6. Manage dropdown in equipment now displays ssh, telnet, and winbox options.
  7. Arrow indicator is now added to the Payment Method dropdown.
  8. “Update default payment method” tooltip is now displayed when hovering on the radio button of the payment method.
  9. Previous months’ data for Visp Statements are now displayed correctly.
  10. MAC Address is no longer deleted in the Devices node when updating the speed limits of the internet service.
  11. Term dates error when invoicing a package is now fixed.
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