Web UBO – July 5, 2020 6:23 PM PST


  1. Auto-retry Credit Card payment setting has been added in the subscriber’s newly added Payment Options panel to toggle on or off the automated retry of unsuccessful credit card auto-pay transactions and configuring when and how many times this happens for that subscriber.
  2. The item’s configured additional information that will be displayed as part of the invoice item’s description in the invoice has been implemented in the subscriber’s Account Manager/vPortal invoice view.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Service Profile funky user interface behaviors are now fixed.
  2. Payment Date is now editable for non-Credit Card and non-eCheck payments in Web UBO.
  3. Upcoming invoice is now displayed without the need to refresh when adding a package with future Bill Start Date.
  4. Changing the Localized Region for Minerva IP TV service profile settings will now update the Service Package list options.
  5. History logs are now added when making changes in the Online Signup settings.
  6. Updating service profiles now adds only one ISP history log with a type of SERVICE, instead of adding 2 duplicate history logs.
  7. Static lat and lng in Maps now display the coordinates of the ISP’s office instead of a random location.
  8. Timezone display is now applied only to payments/memos/reversals/refunds in the Transactions list.
  9. Invoicing now bills grouped multiple service instances correctly based on their status.
  10. Duplicate Email option is now removed from the Subscriber menu in the main table.
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