Web UBO – Aug 2, 2020 9:22 PM PST


  1. Inventory Location Management, Equipment Profiles, and Stock Level indicator are now available for managing equipment.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Export to CSV now extracts all the results in the table instead of just the current page.
  2. State alignment and required fields label in My Visp Settings are now fixed.
  3. Time display in Time Zone settings now displays correctly based on the selected time zone.
  4. Loading of tickets is now faster and now loads the next pages of the tickets.
  5. Newly added filter in Java UBO now displays in Web UBO.
  6. Enable online signup for the following service packages option in Portal settings can now be updated without errors.
  7. Updating the custom price setting of a package now updates the custom pricing of its item.
  8. The default “Failed” status for a ticket is now displayed with correct spelling.
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