Common Sense Support Policy

Summary: staff is happy to provide support related to our services for issues both within our environment (our servers and software) and outside of our environment (your network, circuits, and software). If the issue is within the environment there is no charge for those support services during normal business hours. If the issue is within your environment or caused by your staff, subscribers, or a third-party service, we are pleased to help whenever we can; however, that support is billable at our standard rates.

Detail: Support requests are handled via staff by the following methods:

    • RingCentral GLIP is the quickest way for you and your team to get support.
    • Phone: Contact us at 541-955-6900 Monday – Friday 8am – 8pm Central
    • Email: for technical issues, or for billing questions.
    • Trouble Ticket: Most calls and emails get transcribed into our trouble ticket system anyway, login into, and enter a trouble ticket clearly identifying the issue.
    • For after-hours support, you can request after-hours support using this form

In any case, where a service provided by fails to perform its advertised function, the support to rectify the issue is always free when requested during normal business hours. In short, if a service within our care has caused a problem, will always assist for free.

When is support not free?

For support outside of our regular business hours or outside of the advertised functionality of’s services, including, then we are providing that service on a consulting level basis. By entering a support request which includes diagnosing or repairing an issue outside of our network or advertised functionality, you are agreeing to the following rate schedule:

    • $75/hr – After-hours customer service, billing support, or training. This would include any customer service function such as updating subscriber records, importing or modifying data, or balancing an account.
    • $150/hr – Networking or Sysadmin Support. This support involves our Tier 3 systems administrators and would be used when providing network consulting for your network, router configuration, or troubleshooting advanced problems outside of services.

For specific examples of free and billable support, see page 2.

Examples of Free Support

    • If the billing software malfunctions as a result of a system issue, all support required to rectify the issue and correct the data would be free during business hours.
    • If a VISP team member’s action or systems maintenance caused a disruption in service, the support required to resolve the issue would be free.
    • If there’s an outage at any time caused by Visp or with one of Visp’s services, the support would be free.


Examples of Billable Support

    • If a router inside your network is malfunctioning and systems administration is requested to assist in the repair or configuration, the support would be billed at $150/hr.
    • If you request our staff to correct or change data within the database after hours, the support cost would be $150/hr.
    • If you request billing support or training after our regular business hours, can assist at a cost of $75/hr.

After hours support
Our regular business hours are 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM Monday – Friday Central

  • After-hours and holiday support is a 30-minute minimum billed in 15-minute increments.
  • Is provided on an as-available basis