How to integrate QuickBooks Online with Visp

Follow the steps below to set up and configure your QuickBooks Online for integration with the VISP Desktop or Web App.

1. Sign-in or Create a Quickbooks Online Account
Go to QuickBooks Online ( to register or sign-in.

2. Intuit Developer
Once your account is active, go to the Intuit Developer Page ( If you’re required to sign-in again, use your QuickBooks Online account credentials to log in.

Go to My Apps ( Click on the Create an app button.

3. Create App
When you are asked to ‘Select the platform you want to develop for,’ choose ‘Quickbooks Online and Payments’.

4. QuickBooks Online and Payments

QuickBooks Online and Payments

  1. In the ‘What’s your app name?‘ field, type UBO.
  2. Choose ‘Accounting,’ when you are asked to ‘Select a scope.’
  3. Click on Create App when you’re done.

5. Complete your profile and verify your email
You may be required to resend the verification if you haven’t received the confirmation email initially.

6. Generate Production Keys
  1. Click on Production on the left-sidebar menu.
  2. Fill out your App Info:
    Application Name:
    End-User License Agreement URL:
    Privacy Policy URL:
    Target Industries for this app: Payments. You may also opt for None if your industry is not listed.
    Countries you accept can be limited to your country: United States (may vary according to your country)
    Scope for the API: Accounting.

Complete the fields above to generate the production keys for your account.

7. App URL's
  1. Host Name Domain:
  2. Launch URL:
  3. Disconnect Landing URL:

8. Redirect URI's
Add the follow Redirect URLs


9. Update UBO Extension Settings
Click Keys. Copy OAuth Client ID and OAuth Client Secret and paste it on Settings > Extensions > QuickBooks Online in UBO 7.x.

Or in the VISP Web App, go to your Menu Apps > Settings > Extensions > QuickBooks Online

10. Connect Apps
Click Connect to QuickBooks online and authorize sharing of data to UBO. The message below verifies that the connection is successful.

Restart the UBO. 

Now attempt to process payments or create an invoice to verify the connection between UBO and QBO.

Receive Payments via Echeck

To process subscribers’ e-check payments you must first save their account information in the software. If your subscriber wants to pay using another e-check account, you must first remove your their existing e-check information before adding a new one. 


1. First, you must select your subscriber from the main table.
2. Click on the Billing Options tab. 
3. From the Payment Method drop-down, select eCheck.
4. Next, fill-in your subscribers’ Routing and Account Number as well as the payment type (Checking or Savings). You may ask the subscriber to call their bank to get the right information.
5. Save when done. 

After you finish adding the eCheck information, you should be able to process payments from the software, or your subscribers’ can pay via their Account Manager, using their eCheck account. 

Note: E-check payment processing is currently available for the following supported merchant providers- IPPay,, and Propay. 

Get Support When You Want It

Visp Support Policy

Regular business hours are from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Pacific Standard Time (from approx. November 7 to March 12), and 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time (from approx. March 13 to November 6).

The Visp Success and Network Administration teams are available to assist you during regular business hours. The contact information for the people that can help you best are in the “Key Contacts” grid below.


After-Hours Support

Unexpected emergencies don’t always happen during regular business hours. There may be times when you want after-hours support. To minimize your downtime, Visp’s Development and QA teams are available to resolve your emergencies from 4:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Pacific Standard Time or 5:00 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.

Typical after-hours support services are available to Visp customers at no cost. We do what we can to resolve all your issues. If the problem resides with Visp services, the resolution is free. The only time a charge will be applied is if the problem lies with your network and is unrelated to Visp services. To avoid a charge, be sure to eliminate your infrastructure as being the root cause of the issue and then call Visp.  

To request support services after regular business hours, contact any of your resources in the grid below.

How to Report Bugs or Issues?

Fixing bugs is easier if you have logs showing where and how the error happened. The VISP software leaves a trail of clues in the Java Console. Developers use this to replicate the error, understand what triggered it, and then find a solution.

Where is the Java Console?

If you’re looking for the Java Console in your Windows machine, click here.

If you have a Mac, you will find the Java console by reading this.

How to Enable the Java Console?

Once you’ve opened the Java Console, click on the Advanced tab. In the Java Console section, toggle Show Console.

To learn how to enable the Java Console, click here.

Capturing Logs

Now every time you launch the VISP software you will see the Java Console open.

Retrace your steps. Repeat the process that caused the error to appear and then go back to the Java Console to save the logs. Click on the Copy button and then paste the data in a notepad file.

Attach the file to an email message and then send it to

If it is an urgent request, you may call 541-955-6900 to speak with the System Administrators. Developers may reply within 1-3 business days after investigating the issue.

How to reset your VISP Appuser Password?

Did you or your team members forget the login and password to the VISP software? There are two ways to solve this problem.

Request a Password Reset from Another AppUser


If there’s an existing AppUser that has elevated permission to edit ISP and Application information in VISP, then you may request them to edit your password.

Take note that password fields have the following conditions in VISP:

Save the changes after the password is updated, and then restart the software and login.

Request a Password Reset from the VISP Client Success Team

Send an email to the VISP Client Success team at, with your a phone number.

After you speak with your Client Success team to verify your identity, your password will be updated and sent to you via email thru the Secure Note service.

The link on the secure note contains your new password and can only be opened once.

Why subscriber is not receiving your emailed invoice?

One possible reason is that your subscriber’s mail server filtered it as spam.

Add VISP IP Addresses to Your Domain’s SPF Records

  • SPF or the Sender Policy Framework helps reduce email fraud and spam by identifying the servers permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. Nowadays, emails disguised as coming from you but originating outside your email server, are treated as malicious or illicit. When sending invoices through the Mass Email tool in VISP, the messages originate from the VISP mail servers instead of yours. It is recommended to include the following information in your domain SPF record, so your messages don’t get filtered or

Let us know via email if you want assistance making the changes above.