VISP Web App (Latest, Version 8)

Launch and manage your business from your web browser. We highly recommend you use Google Chrome to access your VISP Web App. You can also sign-in via any of the supported browsers shown below.

VISP Desktop - Download and Install (Version 7.x)
Download and install the latest version of the VISP Desktop Application.

Download for MacOS or Linux.

The Ultimate Back Office installer requires a 64-bit system. If you are using a 32-bit system, download here.

For instructions on how to install the Ultimate Back Office desktop app, click here.

Did you know that when you use UBO, you tap into the brilliance of some of the nation’s top independent Wireless ISPs?


The secret is the active, direct collaboration of these WISPs with’s developers at Inner Circle Roundtable meetings where they share their biggest challenges, and together we develop ideas to improve. Your feedback is the cornerstone of’s research and development in UBO.

It’s with thanks to these extraordinary WISPs that we’re excited to announce the Version 7.6 Release of the Ultimate Back Office with many powerful new features to help your WISP be more streamlined and profitable than ever before

System Requirements

Using VISP

This section contains guides on using the VISP software; detailed explanations of the administration interface, managing clients, orders and services, billing, support and other ancillary functions:


Invoices and Payments

Merchant Processor

Packages and Services

Account Manager

Captive Portal & Signup Server

  • Setup & Configure
  • Vportal Design
  • Sign-up Process
  • more…
Tickets and Schedule Manager

Equipment Manager

  • Connect to Access Point
  • Equipment Columns
  • Equipment Status
  • more…
Monitoring and Mapping

  • Prequalification
  • Mapping
  • Network Monitoring Tools
  • more…

Merchant Accounts


You need a merchant account in order to process credit card, echeck, or EFT payments through the VISP software.

The following merchant accounts are supported by the system.

Merchant ProcessorDetailsWebsiteContact / Signup
IPPayAccepts credit card, EFT, echeck, and token payment processing. Supports full payment refunds via the VISP software.www.ippay.comOnline Form, Email:
Authorize.netSupports credit card, EFT, echeck processing. You may also process full payment refunds using
PaypalAccepts credit card or a Paypal account via the account portal. Automated recurring payments only allow credit (Business Account)
StripeSupports credit card payment processing
PropayAccepts credit card payment processing only.www.propay.comCustomer Contact Form
PlugNPayAccepts credit card and echeck
Payment ExpressAccepts credit card and echeck Form
DHCP Authentication in VISP
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Ride the LTE Wave with VISP
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Your Reports Sent via Email
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Effective SMS Text Messaging Through the UBO
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Ultimate Back Office 7.6 Desktop App now available!
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