Automated subscriber access control & provisioning

Control User Authentication

RADIUS access control is simple to integrate into your network, easy to use and proves itself indispensable. It’s robust, dependable and fast with authentication requests. Best of all, it’s redundant and scales to your business.

HyperRADIUS is the ideal payment enforcement and subscriber provisioning tool. You’ll speed up the activation of new subscribers, your revenue and your profit.

Ensure you get paid for the services you provide. When internet access is synchronized with payments, subscribers get captured and presented with their past due balance so they can reconnect to your broadband without staff intervention.

Visp HyperRADIUS Subscriber Authentication V3
Train Your Subscribers to Pay on Time

Real-time Speed Control

Make a speed change in the software and the system reacts with an instant re-configuration of the subscriber’s internet connection — now, that’s Lean.

HyperRADIUS with Smartsession is a “plug and play” for ISPs that want RADIUS access control without the headaches and overhead of managing servers and complex, redundant RADIUS systems.

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Smartsession’s Real-time Speed Control

Immediate Payment Enforcement

Immediate Payment Enforcement
Keep freeloaders out of your network and get paid for the services you provide. Automated capture pages are the ultimate reminders to get subscribers to pay
past-due invoices.
Immediate Payment Enforcement
They get back online and you get your profits back on track. Optimize subscriber management time and don’t make your customers wait to reconnect to their internet service after payment.

Redundant, Scalable Controls That Get You Paid.

VISP RADIUS Access Control

When you connect HyperRadius to your network, you get more than just fast authentication. You get:


hyperRADIUS Authentication with SmartSession -

Fully Redundant, Self-Healing, Auto-Failover Databases and Network Architecture

High-capacity and load balanced, includes redundant proxies. Redundant paths span independent data center zones. Redundant across separate cloud providers. Self- restarting, self-healing servers.

hyperRADIUS Authentication with SmartSession -

Low Failure/Retry Rate

Many authentication systems have a 1-2% auth failure rate that forces a retry. HyperRadius is self-testing and addresses the cause of auth failures to cut retries to less than .001%.



hyperRADIUS Authentication with SmartSession -
Immediate Service Updates

Change package speeds and usage limits with immediate disconnects for nonpayment from within VISP. (With CoA setup)



hyperRADIUS Authentication with SmartSession -

Supports Location-Based Authentications

Subscribers can authenticate anywhere on your network, or be restricted to only one location.



Change of Authentication
hyperRADIUS Authentication with SmartSession -

Support for Mikrotik’s CoA* (Change of Authentication)

Subscriber’s Session Timeout is auto set to match their paid- thru date.

Capacity that Scales
hyperRADIUS Authentication with SmartSession -

Capacity that Scales

Resistant to RADIUS floods and keeps authentication fast under heavy load.

Team Support -
Monitored with alerts, backup alerts and authentication proofs

Continues real-time testing and monitoring that ensures the maximum uptime.

Activation Servers

Hotspots and Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs)

Got a marina or campground nearby? How about concerts or community events? Capture new revenue. Guest/tenants, campers and event attendees activate from your ISP branded sign up page. Offer service in apartments or multiple dwelling units (MDU) with a simple and easy way to activate new subscribers.

Hotspots and Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs) -

Fixed Wireless Installs

Activation servers simplify your new point-to-point and point-to-multipoint installs. Your techs activate new subscribers from the field without support from the office staff or access to the billing system.

With very little pre-configuration or provisioning required, you hang the CPE. The MAC address, IP address, connection date and time, and the access point they connect to are all auto-filled into the billing system. And, if you’re curious — the payment has been processed, too and the account is set to auto-bill. Now that’s Lean.

Now, walk next door and sell and install the neighbor. It’s that simple.

Radius Management Tools And Reports

Subscriber bandwidth usage, time connected and other RADIUS accounting packets are stored and easy to retrieve. Use them for company management report and upsell/cross-sell campaigns.

Your subscribers have access to three months of usage data in their online account manager. Include consumed bandwidth on the subscribers’ monthly invoice. Whether you bill for it or not, this information trains subscribers about their usage and is an effective upsell tool when the time is right.

hyperRADIUS Authentication with SmartSession -