Increase Your Take Rate by Offering Additional Connectivity Options

Show your subscribers you are a serious internet provider with a national presence by offering alternative connectivity services. People like to do business with companies they believe are successful, and successful WISPs offer a full range of connectivity options. These services are available a la carte. You pay only for the services you activate. But why is the ability to offer DSL and dial-up still so important? It’s about subscriber retention. A failed install can cost over $100. That’s especially painful when you consider that it can cost over $200 to acquire that potential subscriber. Reduce your failed installs and increase your take rate by offering additional connectivity services. Double your chances by prequalifying every potential wireless subscriber for DSL and maximize every marketing dollar you spend. Let’s face it — sometimes your potential subscriber just can’t get a good wireless signal from your closest tower. What do most WISPs do in such a case? They walk away. But imagine what will happen when you can immediately offer DSL to that potential subscriber and even — in the most extreme cases — dial-up. You then retain a relationship with that subscriber, while pre-selling your next wireless deployment area. That means you can fund your next access point with the core group of subscribers you already have in the area and slash the time it takes to recoup your investment. Why let a potential customer get away when you can offer them alternatives most WISPs don’t?


 AT&T and CenturyLink DSL Footprints

Offering DSL enables you to increase your take with subscribers who are too far from your nearest tower to receive wireless service but who qualify for DSL. The ability to offer DSL can also help you retain subscribers moving out of your coverage area. If your subscriber is located in one of the coverage areas shown below, you can offer them DSL service.


AT&T Footprint

wisp billing software 5AT&T is available in 13 states, with speeds up to 6 Mbps. Click here for more details.


CenturyLink Footprint

wisp billing system 6CenturyLink is available in 14 states, with speeds of up to 7 Mbps. Click here for more details.


Instantly Offer Dial-Up Services

wisp management software 6The nation’s largest dial-up footprint is available to your subscribers now! Provide your subscribers with over 78,000 dial-up