It’s About Retention

Subscribers are assets, the longer you keep them,
the less they cost you to support.

Your Result is More Profit

Preseem integration with empowers you to reduce churn and improve your subscriber’s quality of experience (QoE) to ensure you get paid.

Visp Preseem integration
Eliminate “My internet is slow” complaints. Optimized shaping delivers a great subscriber experience no matter what applications they use or how busy their connection.

“A small 5% increase in subscriber

retention has been linked to a

25% to 95%

increase in profit. “*

Preseem integration

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Your success matters!
The team you choose is important.

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Preseem &

Save Time and Increase Profits

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Preseem integration is easy
and offers:


The capability to manage individual traffic streams so you can reduce demand conflicts between latency-sensitive and bandwidth-hungry communication.

Visibility into the cause of congestion with dynamic real-time monitoring of key performance metrics.

UBO’s ability to automate and synchronize internet access to


Account status and Preseem’s monitoring and shaping technology:

Increases profits by creating happier subscribers who stay longer

Gains more subscribers through happy customers’ referrals

Happier customers are easier to upsell

How important is your success?


* Zero Defections: Quality Comes to Services Harvard Business Review, September-October 1990.