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radius billing system 8 Partner ISPs will tell you that their support team consistently delivers the finest support available from any wholesale ISP organization in the world. The quality of service you and your subscribers receive from us is due in no small part to their professionalism.

We invest in our people, too, providing them with continuous training in the latest technologies to keep them ahead of the field. We train in high-performance business principals such as Lean office management and Lean, Agile, and Extreme Programming to drive down costs and innovate better value for you. Further, training investments include developing the whole person, not just the work-week employee. In recognition of this extraordinary commitment, received the Workforce Development Award from for excellence in supporting employee growth and opportunity. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons our people stick with us year after year. We also trust them to make the right decisions about day-to-day operations. We’re more responsive to customer needs that way, and we end up with a higher caliber team as a result.

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isp billing system 8Todd Grannis Founder and CEO
direct: 541-955-6904

In 1990, Todd Grannis co-founded one of the first nationwide online services, Public Data Network. He subsequently co-created what became the world’s largest and most popular BBS Chat Networking Software, Chatlink! Todd founded in 1996. The solution, virtualizing and private labeling internet services, was the first of its kind in the world. Today, Todd is active with other business leaders in the community and openly applies high-performance business management principles with his team in the management of operations to listen carefully to’s clients to innovate new value and drive down costs through waste elimination. This habit has created some very satisfied WISPs.

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