Non-Disclosure Agreement

    • There is no capping on the number of ISPs that can be referred by anyone.
    • The referred ISP should not already be in conversation with the Visp team or in the onboarding stage. Visp will validate this.
    • The credits will be applied to the referring ISP after the referred ISP has spent at least TWO months with Visp after onboarding.
    • There is no capping on the credits i.e. whatever the billing amount will be for the referred ISP for their first month with Visp, the referring ISP will get the same amount of credits in their next invoice with Visp.
    • Visp reserves the right to disqualify a referral if the above-mentioned conditions are found as false or the referred ISP ceases to exist once we contact them after referral.

Message to be displayed when someone submits the referral form: Thank you for helping Visp grow. This submission manifests your approval of Visp as a trusted growth partner. Someone from our team will reach out to you soon.

Todd Grannis