Dave Pearcy

Profit margin is on every customer

I would like to express my extreme satisfaction of how well the migration of our whole ISP went with the help of Visp.net.In the past, I spent most of my time fighting with local carriers for bandwidth and dial-up dialtone service and billing issues. Then one day while cleaning my office, I stumbled upon one of Visp.net’s letters (while waiting for one of 9 of my Verizon reps to call back on a 7-month long battle over billing). I took a chance and called the number and to my surprise, someone answered the phone and took the time to explain the program. After crunching the numbers, I found it to be a viable solution for me or my other hard line ISP. The thing I liked the best was the per customer billing, so when other bandwidth and Telco providers were slamming my customer base, switching them without warning, now I don’t have to worry about customer subscriptions having to be a certain level for profitability for the amount of bandwidth, they had to get into long contracts to buy. Now I know what the profit margin is on every customer and don’t have to worry about overloading my system, I can now put my effort into selling and not maintaining the high cost of servers and bandwidth contracts. This has freed up my time considerably.Every scenario possible was immediately addressed and solved flawlessly by the great team at Visp.net, much to the amazement of my tech staff. The common phrase was, “How did they do that?” Well, the answer was simple: Visp.net is the best at what they do. The dial-up switch was seamless and the DSL and email was even easier. The nights I spent worrying about the migration were in the end not necessary, just let the pros at Visp.net do what they do best and don’t worry.How my ISP has never ran smoother and my subscribers love it and best of all, they never knew what happened!
Thanks to all the People at Visp.net for helping me in my time of transition.

Dave Pearcy

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