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Ultimate Back Office Features


Streamline, Take Control And Grow

When trusted staff gain the experience to be savvy business strategists, why not leverage their knowledge to accelerate growth and reduce overhead? There are a limited number of hours in a workday and when you better utilize them, your staff contributes more toward your WISP’s success. Deploy a billing and automation system that streamlines your most expensive resource, “labor” and is built on proven business growth principles to lay the foundation for your future profitability and growth.

Features List


Fully Automated Invoicing
Customizable billing per subscriber:

  • Choose a fixed date so all accounts are due on the same date
  • Or, choose flexible dates for individual accounts; and
  • Override the due date at your discretion.
  • Optional paper invoice fee
  • Set payment status flag behavior
  • Support for late payment grace periods
  • Payment reminder scheduler
  • Configure auto-pays by credit card or eCheck
  • Late fee/re-billing fee support
  • Prorated billing support

Customer Self-management (csm)

Online payment portal tools lets subscribers:

  • Make payments
  • Request package upgrades
  • Update payment and contact information
  • Check usage
  • Change password
  • View invoices and payment history

Filter Subscribers By

  • Account balance status
  • Due, past due, suspended, paid up
  • Bandwidth usage
  • Access time
  • Subscribed package
  • Access site or tower
  • Access point or sector
  • Create your own filter

Check out these features in the Video Library or schedule a demo.

Service Tickets And Scheduling

  • Create custom ticket templates
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Assign tickets to team members
  • Installer schedule support
  • Automated ticket notification
  • Service ticket reports
  • Ticket filtering by assignee, type of service, status

Included Activation Servers

  • Redundant RADIUS and activation servers
  • Non-payer redirect and captive portal/payment support
  • Integrated “Pay Now” page
  • Customizable package display pages with “Sign-Up Now” support
  • Wi-Fi and hotspot support for MDUs, RV parks and temporary deployments

Get A Wide Range Of Management Reports

  • Auto-actions
  • Billing
  • Inventory
  • FCC Form 477
  • Marketing
  • Subscribers
  • Service calls
  • Packages and services

Custom reports are available upon request. Control staff access with user permissions. API support for anything you want to connect too.

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