Ultimate Back Office Features

Automation — Work On Your Business Instead of In Your Business

Every entrepreneur has the epiphany that the time and effort they put into their business can be better spent. And, when trusted staff gain the experience to be savvy business strategists, why not leverage their knowledge to accelerate growth and reduce overhead?

Staff can’t take on new revenue-generating responsibilities without reducing the time they spend on day-to-day tasks. There are a limited number of hours in a workday and when you better utilize them, your staff contributes more toward your WISP’s success.

Deploy a billing and automation system that streamlines the “profit-center” of your business and is built on proven business growth principles to lay the foundation for future profitability and growth.

UBO Features List

Save Time and Resources – Billing Options:

  • Fully Automated Invoicing
  • Billing Configuration for Individual Accounts
    • Invoice defaults
    • Establish due dates
      • Choose a fixed date so all accounts are due on same date
      • Choose flexible dates for individual accounts
      • Override the due date at your discretion
    • Customize invoice or set due date by hand
    • Add paper invoice fee
    • Set account status terms
    • Add grace periods
    • Automate sending and reminders
    • Establish auto-pay for customers by credit card or E-Pay
    • Past due protection saves a backup payment method
    • Late fee/re-billing fee
  • Filter subscribers by:
    • Account status
    • Balance, such as “Less than $100”
    • Usage limits
    • Packages
    • Tower or Access Point to alert of upcoming maintenance and service disruption
  • Billing Configuration for Merchant Accounts
    • Invoice defaults – prorate options – taxes – late fees
    • Past-due protection
    • Grace period
  • Automate Credit Card Payments
  • Automate E-check Payments
  • RADIUS Payment Enforcement
  • Streamlined Paper Check Processing
  • Instant Subscriber Self-Payment with Credit Cards and E-Checks
  • Simple, One-Click Manual Payment Posting and Processing Option

Get additional details for these topics on the Training Videos page.

Save Time and Resources – Activation:

  • No additional equipment is required
  • No RADIUS to build or configure
  • Inventory management – techs can update from the field
    • Easily track each tower’s location and the installed equipment
    • Know exactly what equipment exists on your subscriber’s premises
    • Instantly ping subscriber equipment by hovering over the IP address.
    • Quickly identify the authenticating MAC address of the subscriber’s equipment.
  • Calendaring – easy installation scheduling
    • Integrates with Google Calendar

Save Time and Resources – Subscriber Management:

Online payment portal tools lets subscribers:

  • Make payments
  • Request package upgrades
  • Update their contact information

When payments are made, UBO applies the appropriate updates, like reactivation. When an upgrade is requested, it triggers a notification to your staff. Subscribers can see payment history and update their contact information 24-7.

Ensure More Successful Installs with Integrated Mapping

  • Easy view your coverage area
  • Quick prequalification of your subscribers
  • Simplified subscriber installation
  • More efficient truck rolls
  • Generate required FCC Form 477

Integrate Maintenance Schedules into Google Calendar

  • Schedule tickets through the company’s Google Calendar to manage equipment and subscriber maintenance
  • Tickets can be assigned to individual team members

Automate Subscriber Communication:

  • Mass Email Manager filters subscribers into email notifications so you can send:
    • Newsletters
    • Network and tower maintenance announcements
    • Payment reminders
    • Place subscribers into specific groups based on common variables, such as billing date, payment method or tower
    • Filters can be changed with a single click
  • Triggered Emails: when payments post, a credit card expires or is declined, or data usage is nearing the limit an automated email reminder is triggered and sent

Automate Payment Enforcement

  • Automate the suspension of subscribers based on payment status
  • Subscribers are reactivated when payments made through the online portal brings the account current

Get a Wide Range of Management Reports

Built-in, exportable and customizable reports streamline decision making. Get a vast array of reports that offer an overview of your organization:

  • Auto-actions
  • Billing
  • Inventory
  • FCC
  • Marketing
  • Subscriber
  • Service calls
  • Packages and services

Custom reports are available upon request.

Easy to Use: Simple, Powerful Interface

  • Control staff access and the tasks they’re allowed to manage through user rights administration
  • Get more done with the staff you already have – cut subscriber management time
  • Activation servers make connecting new subscribers easy
  • The intuitive layout of UBO reduces the learning curve of your staff and new hires