Weekend Support Policy

Hi Client Success Team,



1. We are updating the Weekend Support policies to:

a.Reduce DOWNTIME and create win-win Value for our ISPs
b.Filter optional support issues that can be handled during regular hours but still provide support when the ISP feels it’s critical.
c.Reduce costs, improve margins, incentives, and GE value
d.Directly bonus team members who deliver Support value to ISPs after hours.

The problem:

  1. Visp has long-scheduled and paid team members to be available on weekends for ISPs as needed outside of our published office hours (12 hours per day on business days).
  2. As CS support pay has gone up over 300%, so has the cost of this extra-mile support policy. While some Visp ISPs have become accustomed to the service, it is beyond what most would reasonably expect. Some ISPs now habitually call for support and expect service outside Visp’s regular business hours.
  3. Other KPI metrics still lag our expectations and we believe that paid hours that were allocated to weekend support can be directed to value-adding activities that improve CS KPIs.

Draft Updated:

  1. Change support availability from 24 hours per day over the weekends to pre-scheduled scheduled after-hours and emergency support only. The Website and Help Center will be updated to reflect the changes.
    a. Support team members will continue to coordinate their schedule for coverage as they do now.
    b. Support team members may either
    i.Clocked-in: during their support window and work a regular work shift (Paid hourly plus 1.5x after 37.5 hours per week); or,
    ii.Clocked-out: Not clock in and do other things so long as you’re available to take calls for your schedule and your time clock would start when you take the call and end when you’re done with the scheduled or emergency ticket.
  2. Compensation:
    a. You’ll earn your regular hourly rate and incentives for the time you’re on any call with an ISP after hours.
    b. Bonuses: Support team members who take calls will be rewarded as follows:
    i. Paid a bonus of P250 to P600 per hour (approximately 10% of the US billed rate) with a 30-minute minimum.
  3. Continue to improve Tier 0 (self-help) support options such as FAQs to address the most common questions or possibly a support community forum (in the future) where ISPs can ask and respond to each other’s questions. This is the simplest ways to scale up our support offering to help our ISPs help themselves and each other. A knowledge base or FAQs page can reduce the number of tickets that you handle and reduce the ratio of Visp team members required to support each ISPs.
  4. Focus on the channels that matter most because ISPs have different expectations around response times depending on the support channel they used to reach us. Drifts 2018 State of Chatbots Report found that over 75% of customers expect an instant response if they contact you via chatbot or online chat, and fewer than 10% of customers expect to wait more than 24 hours for a response if they contact a company by phone, social media, or online chat.

Possible actions:

  1. Highlight the support hours at the top of each RC channel
  2. Automated email and chat replies based on working hours
  3. We want CSAT and tickets opened for each issue
  4. All issues must be invoiced and paid to be bonused.
    a. CS staff can take a screen snip of the RC call and send that to Sheldon for billing with any edits to the time they spent on the phone, talking about personal matters that the wouldn’t want to include in the invoiced minutes, for example.

We would like to hear your feedback on this matter.

Thanks and have a great day.