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Email Forwarding to Freemail Services (Yahoo / Gmail / Hotmail / etc)

Jun 27, 2013

Freemail services provide email access for free to millions of accounts; however, to do so they have to keep their operations pretty lean.  One of the ways they keep things lean is by being extremely strict on their email filtering.  Any time an IP address on the internet sends more than a couple spammy

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Domain Alias

Apr 04, 2012

Here’s how an alias is created in the hosted domain admin interface. Continue reading “Domain Alias” »

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Mx Records

Sep 14, 2011

MX 10 MX 20 MX 30

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Personal Web Storage

Aug 29, 2011

All subscribers using one of our email services can create a website and store it for free on our server. Each is allowed up to 1GB of data per email account. Continue reading “Personal Web Storage” »

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Jul 19, 2011’s domain hosting service is also with the Domain Name System (DNS), so creating a new domain name for your subscriber follows a methodical and precise procedure. DNS is a naming system that allows the use of domain names and IP addresses in the internet, using domain name servers. It is essential

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