ISP and WISP Feedback

You guys are the best! Thank you!!!
Forbes Mercy
Visp team solved alot of our problems.
Louis Uttaro
Glad we have you guys to help, or should I say DO, this transition! Thank you AND YOUR TEAM for all the hard work on this!!
Logan Gurule
You guys continue to amaze me. Just minutes after posting my question on Glip, I got a call from Brad and we’re in process. Thanks again.
Fred Engelmann
Setup and configuration was a breeze our WISP company was up and billing without any headaches. The continued technical support, tweaks, and changes we’ve requested have been completed sometimes faster than anticipated and we’ve never had to wait for a response or solution to a problem.
Aaron Findley
UBO is amazing, capable, and going to make my life much simpler!
Howard Kamish
VISP team is always on top of the situation and continually follows up to make sure it’s completed. Great Team from Exec Management to the technician.
Craig Oliver
Always awesome Customer support.
Mitchell Block
Customer Service is amazing when we have any issues.
Hi All – I’m wow’ed by your processes and systems, and we just got started.
Fred Engelmann
Fast service, easy to understand answer.
Anytime I have questions or need trouble shooting done, the support team always gets back to me immediately.
Judy Flaherty
My issue was quickly handled and agent understood the problem and got it all fixed
James Campbell
VISP is user friendly and the customer service representatives are customer friendly as well.
Kimberly Putnam
Hans was and has always been extremely helpful when troubleshooting issues.
Wagner, Nicholas D
Even when there isn’t a solution to an issue or question we have, we always get the best customer service from VISP employees.
Bradley Oliver
Good support, constantly improving the product.
It’s nice to get a response to a question in a timely fashion and VISP provides that every time.
Always professional and highly efficient.
The amount of support and help we have received from Mark and VISP is enormous! Thank You!
Anytime I have a question or concern I receive immediate response from the Support Team and issues are always addressed and resolved in a matter of minutes.
Judy Flaherty
There is good follow-up on the issues. Mark is knowledgeable, pleasant and patient.
The VISP team responds quickly to questions – I also note that the team is careful when considering questions – I appreciate that level of thought and consideration from a valued partner!
Jeffrey Brooks
Quick service. Answered questions promptly. Worked with us until the problem was resolved.
Awesome service. thank you!
Very prompt and friendly. Identified problem quickly and was able to resolve in very timely manner.
James Campbell
Took care of things on the weekend when I had a semi emergency
Bill Hibler
Excellent service.
Jonathan Sellers
i can always count on good, prompt service.
Kathryn Retmier
Quick responses and very helpful staff
Chris Rodesney
Excellent and timely support
Jeffrey Brooks
Support was prompt and accurate.
Jonathan Sellers
Very Responsive and thorough support.
Renaldo Coakley
I received EXCELLENT support, yet again!! Thank you.
Deborah Mokma
Excellent service.
Dines, Melanie
i’ve always enjoyed superior customer support.
kathy retmier
Great customer service. I feel helped and heard, not always true in these situations. Thank you!
Miriam Ramsey
…the guys just called me to show off the way that the “Qualification Data” stays with a customer even after their account is activated in VISP. That is awesome! The turnaround time was short and it is a very useful feature to have. Thanks again.
Troy Bradley
Thank you for the AMAZING support!
Tim Thomas
Amazing how quick you guys get things done!
Renaldo Coakley
Thank you for showing me some things I can make better from my end… I’ve never worked with a software company that tries so hard to listen to their users and implement changes. In my world I’m very accustomed to “take it or leave it”. Thank you for being so accessible and gracious.
Laura Kegley
Congratulations on having such fine staffing quality on your front lines.
Ned Schumann
Jason Marsland
Thanks for your time, you just gave me back a bunch of mine.
RT Wagner
Visp listens to their customers. They pay close attention to the needs of the ISP. When I had issues migrating the billing system they explained it to me in simple english so I can understand it. I have used their billing system for over a year now and I got to tell you, it has been the best employee I have ever hired. It works 24 hours a day, it doesn’t argue with me, it tells me at a glance who has paid and who still owes me money. It never lets people get behind in there payments. To the whole team at Visp….Kudos!!!
Joe Miller
Every day I’m thankful that VISP deals with many difficult and time-consuming things that we used to do. So I’m thankful for your presence on many fronts.
Ned Schumann
We see a lot of advantages to using and feel like we made the right decision to go this route to focus on growing the business. We also see our CashFlow is pulled in quicker and the vast majority of customers feel that the system works better for them and allows them the [billing] options that they have been asking for…
Neil Neiwert
Thanks Todd and your great team for all your hard work and progress.
Duane Zechmann
We are seeing some of the benefits of automation in our processes already [after less than 2 months]… We all agree that has improved our service to our customers and our future growth potential.
Neil Neiwert
Okay, this may be a little premature, but I am LOVING VISP ALREADY.It is SO much better than wispmon!! Sorry, just had to say that. Being able to see each customer’s info all right there on the main page makes checking that their info is in there correctly – SO MUCH EASIER. OMG. Loving it!
Monica Kelley
Thanks so much for your excellent customer service!
R. W. “Bob” Pensworth
I actually catch myself when using your software saying “This is just ridiculous how good this software is!” I still love what you guys are doing for us.
Randy Meche
By the way, it’s been great working with you. Your skill, patience and endurance [are] remarkable.
Thank you,
Thanks for your mail copy expertise — the mail copy run went really fast.
I have worked closely with VISP for almost 5 years and have been amazed at their customer service, especially from Kevin. Every time I have called, emailed, or had a client get in touch with him the challenge has been fixed or information sent much faster and efficiently than I had expected. Thank you VISP for keeping the servers up and running with no challenges which makes my customers very happy. And thank you again Kevin for always going the extra mile when ever I needed anything.
Very smooth…The good news just doesn’t stop coming… You’ve been hitting on all cylinders today. Great job
Ned Schumann
WOW !!!! I like it – GREAT JOB!
Jason Marsland
Keep up your great work. You have allowed us to focus on our core business and honestly give almost no thought to managing our subscriber base. You guys are awesome!
Randy Meche
I’m having a hard time adjusting to a vendor that is so focused on their customers and I appreciate that more than I can adequately express in e-mail. 🙂
Mitch Dailey
Aggressive, serious-minded people in helping small businesses survive in this big world.
Walter Fayne
I just wanted to say thank you. … I was extremely pleased to see that the tech that assisted my customer took the time to discover that the wrong type of ethernet cable was being used. …that level of support is commendable.
Terry Bryson
I know you guys don’t hear this often enough, but the management system that VISP has developed has been one of the best things that has happened to our ISP. I wanted to let you and your staff know that we really do appreciate all of your hard work that has made this application a reality.
Randy Meche
We’ve been in touch with tech support and they were great! Helped walk we computer-midget minds thru the process. Our thanks to them.
I want you guys to know that I have had nothing but good reports about the tech support for the last week. Considering that we had to deal with a two-day [local fiber cut] outage I think that is pretty remarkable. Please pass this on to whoever needs to know.
Bill Hibler
wow — that was a lot more than I expected
Mitch Dailey
I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how pleased I am with my decision to choose Visp as my ISP partner. Every member of your staff is absolutely top notch. They treat every call as if I were there only customer it’s like having them on my staff.
Thanks for everything,
Terry Bryson
Shame on you! How do you expect your competitors to make a living? LOL… Thanks… If I haven’t told you this before, we appreciate all you have worked on with us…
Ryan Mallory
It looks like the first run of the invoices went perfect. I think I just witnessed a miracle. Great Job! – Fast implementation.
Randy Meche
Thank you so much… Our tech doesn’t rave very often, but she says you’re awesome.
Kathryn Gordon
AWESOME! THANK YOU!!!!!! Our “Thanks” to all your staff. Let them know we really appreciate it!
Patricia Tulak
…we love the system
Randy Meche
I would like to congratulate you and all your employees that I have come in contact with at The professionalism, support systems and processes that your company has provided to us has been second to none! Truly “top shelf”!
Warm Regards,
Kirk Gee
Very happy with how it all turned out and the quick response we have been given when needed.
Ryan Mallory
The DNS and FTP tool is great!!!
Terry Bryson
I am very impressed how you guys handle your business. I am very thankful for what you are doing…
Randy Meche
I want you to know how much I appreciate Kameron helping us out last night. I caught him at 6:20 just as he was headed out the door.We had two DSL customers who had been unable to connect for days since CenturyLink either changed their service or set up a new one… when it was over we had both customers working and happy.
Thanks again,
Bill Hibler
As usual you and your team have done an outstanding job responding and providing assistance,Thank you!
Allan McLendon
I would like to express my extreme satisfaction of how well the migration of our whole ISP went with the help of the past I spent most of my time fighting with local carriers for bandwidth and dial-up dialtone service and billing issues. Then one day while cleaning my office, I stumbled upon one of’s letters (while waiting for one of 9 of my Verizon reps to call back on a 7 month long battle over billing). I took a chance and called the number and to my surprise someone answered the phone and took the time to explain the program. After crunching the numbers, I found it to be a viable solution for me or any other hard line ISP. The thing I liked the best was the per customer billing, so when other bandwidth and Telco providers were slamming my customer base switching them without warning, now I don’t have to worry about customer subscriptions having to be at a certain level for profitability for the amount of bandwidth, that I had to get into long contracts to buy. Now I know what the profit margin is on every customer and don’t have to worry about overloading my system, I can now put my effort into selling and not maintaining the high cost of servers and bandwidth contracts. This has freed up my time considerably.Every scenario possible was immediately addressed and solved flawlessly by the great team at, much to the amazement of my tech staff. The common phrase was “how did they do that?”. Well, the answer was simple: is the best at what they do. The dial-up switch was seamless and the DSL and email was even easier. The nights I spent worrying about the migration were in the end not necessary. Just let the pros at do what they do best and don’t worry.Now my ISP has never ran smoother and my subscribers love it and best of all they never knew what happened!!Thanks to all the people at for helping me in my time of frustration.
Dave Pearcy
Just wanted to say “Thanks!” for all your help with our first-of-the-month credit card batch. On behalf of all of us here we really appreciate you writing scripts to export all the CCs to be charged for the month so we can import into our CC software, and another to post all entries, so that’s a ton of time saved for us!
Thanks again man!
Tony Javoric provided us with a turnkey real-time fast solution to become an ISP in the USA. Their constant support and help was a breath of relief for us. Being a UK based company, dealing with the US via e-mail and phone was made easy…
Jonathan Sklan-Willis
I want to take a moment to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you have done this week launching the Truth Services billing system and website! The rapid response we received…was very impressive. Please pass along our gratitude.
Allan McLendon
Wow, thanks for the dedication!!! It feels good to know we are a part of your team and vice-versa. I am really feeling great about this whole deal.
Albert Catanach
I want to take a moment to thank you all for the aggressive way you have taken this project on. I can’t express enough how impressed I am at the way you guys have taken this and ran with it in such short notice. Every member of your staff has been very professional and has done an outstanding job. I truly appreciate your effort!!
Allan McLendon
I saw that you had the portal up several hours ago and remain highly impressed with the courtesy, technical skills and desire to help that seems to emanate from every executive and employee I have had the pleasure to speak with. As you know we have offered access programs for almost 3 years now with problems too many to recall. After working with you on our special needs, I’m convinced that the norm for your company’s service is far above any other daring enough to call themselves your competitor.God Bless and keep up the great work!
Chance Harker
I just can’t get over how awesome you guys have been to work with. Every time I call or email you guys are right there on top of it and totally helpfull! The level of service and competency you present is a rarity among the companies I have been dealing with!
Thank you tons!!!
Micah Owens
I have personally used over 10 different client tracking software programs and this is the BEST that I have ever used. It is much easier to modify and adapt to OUR way of doing business that it almost seems to have been custom built for us!
Ken Richins
Within the first couple of years running a small ISP, the most time-consuming job quickly became the unending battle with spam. That job kept growing and easily consumed 40-50 hours of my time each week.I searched for solutions to my problem, and came across Postini shortly after they started their service… As time went by, their price of service to us increased to the point where I started to look for other options…It was looking pretty bleak….until I encountered “Spaminator”, operated by We have been using the ‘open-source’ Spaminator Solution for only a short while, but, so far, the experience has exceeded all of my has been incredibly helpful and responsive to my needs. I would not hesitate recommending the Spaminator Solution to any firm needing to deal with Viruses and Spam.
Carl Gnadinger Jr.
I wanted to drop you a line and tell you of the excellent support your guys are giving us.I appreciate the expedience in answers to questions, their depth of knowledge and patience, as well as the answers which in some cases, tip the balance of a business decision. – The difference in getting the client – or not.
Thank you for taking our success seriously!
Darren M. Thompson, Sr.
Re: DSL Migration to visp.netI wish to express my appreciation to you and your staff for helping us migrate our DSL client base to your VISP program. I appreciate the practical and effective advice you have given us throughout the process. Your team’s competence, flexibility and imagination have made this the smoothest service migration we have made in our 10+ years as internet providers.We now have a chance to continue to grow our DSL base. I look forward to continuing our business relationship with
Jacques R. LeComte
I want to take a moment to thank you and your staff for the excellent work has done in managing the transition of over 1,200 members to your network.As you know, we have worked with other Virtual ISP Providers and have first-hand experience managing and evaluating such relationships. offers the best combination of services we have found in the marketplace: an extensive network of connection numbers, an outstanding customer service ethic, comprehensive reporting and engaged leadership.JPR has been extremely satisfied with the work has done for us in making JPR a service that meets and exceeds our standards for quality service to our constituents.I unequivocally can recommend for any organization seeking Virtual ISP services and welcome an opportunity to talk with local organizations who are considering partnering with your company.
Paul Westhelle
Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to make this transition. I know it was a lot of work and didn’t go quite as smoothly as imagined by “management” (that would be the non-technical among us :-)), but the transition has been much smoother than I expected.I really appreciate all you have done over the last month. Kudos to all of you.
Tom Stein
This is awesome. I really thought I had gone to the wrong page for a minute. THANKS so very much. The Log in stats are much needed, much improved and just plain AWESOME!
Dorothy Richens

Responses from our ISPs when asked in routine surveys:

Please tell us how we can better serve you.

  • We like that almost everything that we need is in one place that is accessible from any of our computers. Thanks for putting so much working into making a great product even better!
  • I think your service is great, and Technical Support was a really huge help to me. Blessings and love you guys down there.
  • I made a mistake in the request so it couldn’t be done, but Tech Support responded quickly.
  • Service was excellent =)
  • The guys did a fabulous job and I’m delighted that the problem has been resolved. Thank you so much!
  • Appreciate the fast response!
  • Thanks for all that you do. Just keep it up!
  • Thanks, I really appreciate the help.
  • Excellent, Thank you!
  • You did a great job and the outsourced technical support company was not sure of the problem and instructed customers to contact our office directly. It was the best thing to be done. I am amazed with the support so far. Keep up the great job!

Responses from our ISPs when asked in routine surveys:

What do you like most about and UBO Software?

  • We like that almost everything that we need is in one place that is accessible from any of our computers. Thanks for putting so much working into making a great product even better!
  • Its tight integration with e-mail, radius, and billing. As well as the users’ ability to login and view their account.
  • Overall I think ISP in-a-box 4.0 is a great program. I enjoy using it. The support for the program is also great.
  • I like being able to suspend customers when they don’t pay the monthly charge, and I like being able to add new customers right away, and have the dial-up customers active almost immediately. I also am very impressed by the timely manor that you give us support when we have a problem. I have never had a problem that you didn’t work hard to fix. Thanks to all of you.
  • Real time database access
  • The online features of being able to see who is on and what they are doing.
  • 1) The new reports tool. 2) Auto actions. 3) “Print Instructions” tool. 4) “Check Email” and “Spam Filter” buttons. 5) “New Subscriber” wizard.
  • Easy Billing.
  • Good people to work with and always willing to help.
  • The overall ease of use of the application.
  • Love the Portal page that is provided to me as an ISP by VISP.
  • The fact that client information is not strictly on one computer, so that any computer I set up to use the software will have the same database.
  • onstant improvement of product and constant addition of new features. Being WEB Based has solved a LOT of management issues!
  • Customer service without a doubt is the best feature of this company.
  • Great people and very responsive.