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Ultimate Back Office™

Billing and Automation for Wireless ISPs

Streamline for Profit

Ultimate Back Office™ (UBO) automates subscriber account billing and management so you can focus on streamlining and growth:

  • Save Time and Resources:
    • Fully Automate Your Invoicing.
    • Instant Subscriber Self-Payment with Credit Cards and E-checks.
    • Your Customer Service Reps Enjoy Simple One-Click Payment Posting and Processing.
    • No additional equipment is required.
    • No RADIUS to build or configure.
  • Easily Filter Subscribers into Groups for Mass Email Notifications – Send newsletters, network and tower maintenance announcements, and payment reminders to a specific subscriber or group.
  • Never Again Give Free Service — Automatically Suspend and Unsuspend Subscribers Based on Their Payment Status.
  • Instant subscriber activation by your techs on the subscriber’s premises.
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Simple, Powerful Interface

  • Control staff access and the tasks they’re allowed to manage through user rights    administration.
  • Get more done with the staff you already have – cut subscriber management time by as much as 95%.
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks using built-in Auto Actions that handle mundane but important operations such as monthly suspends and unsuspends based on subscriber payment status.
  • Reduce training time of new hires — the UBO interface is logically laid out and easy to understand, with clearly identifiable functions, tools, and easy-to-read tool tips.
  • Get Started simply with a quote and demo, then after a short 10 minute setup, your staff can start using UBO immediately to add your subscribers (or can easily import your subscriber data for you).
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Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

Wherever you are in the world, your database and administrative tools are always an internet connection away. Built-in security features ensure the safety and integrity of your subscriber data.

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Streamline Monthly Billing with Auto Bill

Reduce your subscriber churn by as much as 39% with simplified Auto Billing Features:

  • Quickly configure all payment portals to point to your merchant services account in one quick step.
  • Schedule automated credit card and e-check processing.
  • Automatically notify subscribers should their credit card be declined.
  • Subscribers can quickly update their credit card information through the easy-to-use subscriber portal.
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Increase the Number of Installs You Can Do in a Day with Automated Ticketing and Scheduling

  • Eliminate confusion and lost time due to Field Service Technician schedule conflicts.
  • Integrates with Google Calendar.
  • Simplifies technician scheduling.
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Reduce Invoicing Time

  • Create custom recurring or non-recurring line items.
  • Enter new subscriber services once — monthly billing is automatically updated.
  • Easily post credits against invoices.
  • Quickly add time-sensitive promotional discounts to an invoice with custom end dates.
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Time-Saving Subscriber Mass Email Manager

  • Quickly and easily keep subscribers informed.
  • Save time with pre-designed email templates.
  • Create your own email templates with merge data fields.
  • Send notifications to an individual subscriber or group.
  • Schedule recurring monthly notifications, such as payment due reminders. Only subscribers who are due at the moment the message is sent will receive the reminder.
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Ensure More Successful Installs with Integrated Mapping

  • Easily view your coverage area.
  • Quickly prequalify subscribers.
  • Simplify subscriber installation.
  • Reduce failed installs and wasted truck rolls.
  • Instantly generate and submit required FCC Form 477.
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Immediately View and Update Equipment Inventory

  • Easily track each tower’s location and the installed equipment.
  • Know exactly what equipment exists on your subscriber’s premises.
  • Instantly ping subscriber equipment by hovering over the IP address.
  • Quickly identify the authenticating MAC address of the subscriber’s equipment.
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A Wide Range of Management Reports

Built-in, exportable and customizable reports streamline management tasks, including:

  • Monthly Billing Report.
  • Credit Card Expiration Report.
  • Late Payment Report.

Custom reports are available on request.

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Subscriber Signup Servers and Self-Management Portal

The built-in sign-up servers can be configured to display the packages you want to offer either globally, or filtered to specific property locations:

  • Diversify your revenue stream by creating hotspots for multi-tenant dwellings, such as hotels and apartments, marinas, and popular businesses where people gather, such as book stores and cafes.
  • Technicians can use the sign-up server to instantly activate new accounts while in the field. Your field techs can go from install to install without the need for office staff support.

The signup servers can be easily integrated into your existing website, or you can use the customizable wireless ISP subscriber portal provided as part of the UBO Solution.

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Customizable Subscriber Portal

The customizable wireless ISP subscriber portal is set up instantly when you install the UBO software. The portal makes it easy for subscribers to:

  • Sign up for service.
  • Update their accounts.
  • View a graph and detail of their bandwidth usage.
  • Check webmail.
  • Set vacation autoresponders.
  • Configure spam filter preferences, with personal white and black lists.
  • Access local and national news.
  • Learn more about other products you offer.
  • View their bandwidth usage on a graph.

Click here to experience a live sample portal.

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Online Subscriber Account Management Tool

The online subscriber account management tool makes it easy for subscribers to manage their own accounts and can be instrumental in reducing call volume. Here’s how. As part of the subscriber install process, your technicians can teach your subscribers how to use the account management tool. Wireless ISPs find that five minutes spent teaching the subscriber can eliminate as much as 50% of billing and account inquiry calls.

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Using the account management tool, your subscribers can conveniently:

  • Update their contact information.
  • View their invoices, statements, and payment history.
  • Update their credit card or ACH information.
  • Make payments.
  • Activate email and change email passwords.
  • View their usage statistics.
  • Request account upgrades.

Minimum System Requirements

Ultimate Back Office is built on Java, hence it runs on any OS with a Graphical User Interface and Java 6 or later. Java is a simple, object-oriented, distributed, interpreted, robust, secure, architecture neutral, portable, multi-threaded, and dynamic. Translation: UBO is fast, easy to use and operates like the applications you’re used to on your favorite operating system including Windows, Mac and most variants of Linux (Though some functionality is limited in some non-Windows OS environments). It can be accessed from any of these operating systems by any number of your staff simultaneously. UBO is not a typical web-based software with the overhead of loading a page to present a data request with each click. It efficiently presents what you want without web-like overhead. Click Try It Free to get an instant free quote, schedule a demo, and experience the difference for yourself.