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Help Videos and Help Articles

Jul 08, 2015

In parts of the software where help articles and help videos are available, you will be able to notice a help icon in the upper right portion of the software main component. (See sample screenshots of the ISP Config and lower tabs below.) When hovered, a list of help items will be listed that would

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Define the flow of your online sign-up process

Jul 07, 2015

Whether you would like for new subscribers to enter their information first or have them select a service before that is completely a matter of preference, because you can choose how your online sign-up process flow will go. To set-up the online sign-up process flow that you would like new subscribers

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ISP Automated Payment System

Jun 30, 2015

If you have an existing balance (meaning you’re Past Due) UBO will present the Payment Window, and you will not be able to access the rest of the software until a payment is made. In here, you can choose your preferred method of payment–but at the moment VISP only supports eCheck and Credit Card. The

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ISP Portal Page Templates

Jun 04, 2014

Here are the page templates that you may use to modify your ISP Portal theme: Computer Store Consultant Custom1 Custom2 Education Eggplant Kiwi Radio Station Radio Station 2 Slate Soft Web Design XP Blue

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Enabling API Access

Jan 23, 2014

Your API access needs to be enabled to successfully integrate it with UBO. In your initial console configuration in the Google Admin, this setting is disabled. You can enable and disable this configuration setting at any time. Your client application can be built using multiple Domain Admin APIs. Enabling

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